• Lenght:
    1830 mm (±20 mm)
  • Widht:
    440 mm (±20 mm)
  • Height:
    40 mm (±20 mm)
  • Weight:
    7 Kg (+2 kg)
  • Load:
    180 Kg (+2 kg)

  •   Technical Specifications:

    o Made of ABS material with process of vacuum system,

    o PP malzemeden özel kalıp tekniği ile üretilmiştir,

    o Head suitable for use with stabilizer,

    o Surface that allows CPR applications,

    o X-ray beams pass the body structure,

    o Optionally with the use of the belt up to the octopus,

    o A total of 10 right and left hand grip,

    o Lightweight and aerodynamic structure floating on the water.